2nd August 2011

The BBC Wildlife Fund, which has raised millions of pounds for the conservation of species worldwide, is under threat of being closed down. With the BBC in such a strong position to raise the profile of conservation through its well known nature documentaries we must do all we can to ensure the coninuation of the BBC Wildlife Fund.

The BBC Wildlife Fund raises money and distributes it to a range of charities and non-profit organisations worldwide. The initiative has already supported key threatened species including the Amur Leopard, the Mountain Gorilla and our very own Bechstein's bat. Since its creation in 2007 the BBC Wildlife Fund has raised nearly £3million and distributed it to 87 conservation projects around the globe.

Without the continued support of initiatives such as the BBC Wildlife Fund, species such as the Sumatran rhino and the Leatherback turtle risk disappearing altogether. The BBC Wildlife Fund is unique and there are no plans for it to be replaced if it is closed. With 100% of its funds going straight to nature conservation, we simply cannot let this happen. The excellent reputation of the BBC and the high profile it carries places it in the perfect position to get the conservation message across, and we cannot let this be lost!

Julia Hanmer, BCT's Chief Executive, explains the importance of the fund:"The BBC Wildlife Fund has helped us take big strides forward in the conservation of one of our rarest bats in the UK. The BBC has a unique role to play in encouraging people to give generously to support wildlife conservation. It is vital that the BBC Wildlife Fund is kept alive at a time in our planet's history when biodiversity is facing its greatest threats." Help us keep the BBC Wildlife Fund alive by signing the petition and be a part of the future of our planet.

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