21st September 2010

Well respected bat ecologist awarded the prestigious Pete Guest Award at this year's National Bat Conference.

The award is presented annually in memory of Pete Guest, an inspirational figure in the bat conservation movement for more than 20 years. Each year, the bat world is invited to nominate and vote for individuals who have made an outstanding practical contribution to bat conservation. Nominees must display dedication, innovation, enthusiasm and inspiration in making a difference, both to bats and to people, helping make BCT's vision become a reality.

Dr Ransome has made an outstanding, long-term commitment to bat conservation. His study of greater horseshoe bats at the Woodchester Mansion has been running for more than 50 years - this is the longest study of a mammal by a single person anywhere in the world. Roger's species data was used to write the European Action Plan (EUP) for greater horseshoe bats, as well as series of English Nature research reports (from 1996 to 2002) which resulted in environmental prescriptions and roost advice to promote horseshoe bat population recovery in the UK.

Dr Ransome has already been awarded the H.H. Bloomer Award from the Linnean Society (1988) in recognition of his important contributions to biological knowledge.