Farm Bioblitz - Connecting People and Landscapes

14th July 2024

Whether you've only tried a bit of wildlife spotting before, are an amateur surveyor, or have honed your species ID skills over many years, we need your help with a Farm Bioblitz on Springwater Farm where we'll be searching for as many different animal, bird, plant and invertebrate species over the course of the day.

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NBMP Level 2 bat detector workshop - Friday 19th July 2024

19th July 2024

This introductory bat detector workshop involves an evening classroom session followed by a practical field session starting around dusk. Bat sounds are broken down into four elements in order to train people's sonic memory and aid species identification using a heterodyne bat detector in the field. The focus is on pipistrelles, noctule, serotine and Daubenton's bat as these illustrate a range of different bat sounds. *Attendees can leave early if they need to. The workshop will be led by Edward Wells.

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