Introductory Bat Detector Workshop

30th August 2019

Come on an evening of discovery into the noisy nocturnal world of bats with the Bat Conservation Trust and Cairngorms Nature. This introductory bat detector workshop involves an evening classroom session followed by a practical field session from around dusk in local woodlands. The focus will be on pipistrelle, noctule and Daubenton bats. Bat sounds are broken down into four elements in order to train your sonic memory to aid identification, using a heterodyne bat detector, when out in the field.

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Introduction to Bats and Bat Survey

6th November 2019

This course will provide a look at the primary legislation in relation to bats (focused on Scotland), important bat identification features and key aspects of bat ecology. A range of roost types for different species will be discussed and pointers will be given on what to look out for in roost identification. Key bat survey requirements and methods will be reviewed, to allow delegates to gain a greater understanding of required methods in relation to current good practice guidance.

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Bat Impacts and Mitigation

7th November 2019

The course will look at how and when to apply for a bat development licence (Scotland), writing a Species Protection Plan, potential impacts to bats and mitigation and compensation options. Various development types will be considered including buildings, new roads and wind farms. There will be examples of case studies and participants will be encouraged to take part in group discussion with their own examples.

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