Always wear gloves to handle bats. If you need help, call the National Bat Helpline.

There are some situations when it is appropriate to release a bat - but only if the bat has been seen flying very recently and it is a warm evening (do not release a bat during the winter or outside temperatures are otherwise below 5°C).

If a bat is flying indoors during the day, it is easiest to contain it once it has landed and release it at dusk. If it is flying during the evening, and the weather is good, open windows and switch off the lights and the bat should find its own way out. You may want to check the room after a couple of hours, or stand outside to be sure that the bat has safely found its way out.

If you had to contain the bat you should wait until dusk to release it. It should be a warm, dry night.

The box should be placed at least five feet off the ground e.g. on top of a wall. Put the box on its side so the bat can crawl out and watch it closely. Remember to remove the cap of water before turning the box.

It takes bats about fifteen minutes to become fully awake and active. If the bat does not fly away within about fifteen minutesit may need further attention, so take it back inside and call the National Bat Helpline for further advice.