Create a bat care box

Start by creating a bat care box. You will need:

  • A shoe box, with holes punched in the lid (or container of equivalent size)
  • A cloth or teatowel
  • A plastic bottle cap (milk bottle tops are perfect)
How to contain a bat

Example bat care box

Containing the bat

  1. Contain the bat:
    1. Like a spider, by placing a box on top of it and sliding a piece of card underneath.
    2. Alternatively, cover the bat with a cloth/teatowel and carefully scoop it up and place it in your bat care box. (You should not handle the bat with bare hands.)
  2. Put a tea towel or soft cloth in the box for the bat to hide in.
  3. Put in a small, shallow container e.g. a plastic milk bottle top with a few drops of water (not enough for the bat to drown in). Make sure the water is topped up regularly.
  4. Keep the bat indoors somewhere quiet and dark
  5. Most importantly, call the National Bat Helpline on 0345 1300 228 for further advice.

Only a bat that has been confirmed as fit and healthy by a bat rehabilitator should be released, and never during the day.

Please don't assume the bat is healthy and leave it outside to fly away.

During the summer months, it is also possible to sometimes find a baby bat that has either been orphaned or lost its way from a roost. If you find a baby bat this should be treated as urgent in terms of seeking advice as a baby is extremely vulnerable and will need special care. If you're not sure if you've found baby bat, please check our baby bat guide.