Going the extra mile

Now that you have a garden full of (wild) life what else can you do to help bats in your local area? Here are some ideas:

  • Get a bat detector and enjoy listening to bats in your garden.
  • Become a member. Your donations help us continue our work and you'll get a subscription to one of our magazines so you can learn more about bats.
  • Take part in our bat surveys! There are surveys for every level of experience, including complete beginners.
  • Raise funds for bats. Throw a garden party in the summer, take up a challenge for bats or raise money when online shopping.
  • Get in touch with your local bat group. There are over 80 bat groups in the UK and they carry out vital front-line conservation work. They are made up of volunteers only and they are always looking for more help.
  • Explore other volunteering opportunities. From helping us take calls from people who need help with a bat or becoming a bat rehabilitator.
Going the extra mile

Five people going on a bat walk (c) Michelle Parsons