Passive rabies testing

We support passive testing of dead bats by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) to test for rabies which is found in a small number of bats in the UK. More information about the rabies risk can be found here.

We can send a pack and instructions to you by post, so that the bat you have found can be sent for testing. Postage is free, and the address to send the dead bat to is on the pack.

Please fill in the form below and we will endeavour to send the pack out to you as soon as possible so that you can submit that bat within seven days to APHA. Whilst waiting for your tube to arrive the dead specimen should be kept somewhere cool.

Alternatively you may call the BCT helpline on 0345 1300 228 to request a pack.

Once your pack is received:

  • Place the dead bat inside the tube;
  • Seal the tube and wrap it in an absorbent material, e.g. kitchen roll;
  • Complete the submission form; and
  • Send to APHA in the freepost envelope provided.

Please note that test results will only be provided by APHA if a positive result is found. If you do not hear back after 10 days of sending the pack then you can assume that the result is negative. If you would like to see the latest report on APHA’s surveillance work, you can find this on their website.

If different from the delivery address If you know any details about the circumstances under which the bat was found, please let us know here. This helps us understand more about dead bats. How many packs are required?
E.g. if you are a volunteer bat carer, tell us here if you need a combination of pack sizes & elements