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Basic bat care

18 October 2018
Any bat that is found on the ground, or in an exposed area, especially during the day, is likely to need help.  How can I help? If the bat is on the ground, on an outside wall, or in an exposed area where it may be vulnerable, it should be contained in a box (see the instructions…

Living with bats

21 September 2017
As their natural habitats have been lost, bats have adapted to roost in houses. Like barn owls some bat species now rely on buildings for shelter. How do I know if bats are roosting at my property? Free visits and advice for homeowners and churches  Common concerns and the facts about living…

Bats found in rooms

1 July 2015
Bats are often go unnoticed in lofts, basements, garages and externals parts of buildings, but occasionally they can stray into the living spaces of homes and work places. What should I do if there's a bat in a room? Bat isn't flying If the bat has landed then it should be contained according to…

Bat Found During Building Works

29 May 2014
Always wear gloves to handle bats. If you need help, call the Bat Helpline - 0345 1300 228 Bats and their roosts are protected by law. This means if work needs to be done to any building that is known to contain a bat roost, or that may contain a bat roost, the relevant statutory nature conservation…


A bad year for bats? Bat Conservation Trust appeals for donations

29 June 2012
The Bat Helpline (0845 1300 228) has seen a marked increase in reports of grounded bats, while the number of calls about baby bats and bat maternity roosts has declined. BCT is appealing for donations to support the Bat Helpline and its vital bat conservation work.

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