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Concerned a development may harm bats?

18 April 2017
Bats and their roosts are protected by law and should be considered during the planning process.  BCT does not currently have the capacity to get involved in individual cases. However, we have compiled advice below which may assist you in taking the appropriate action to protect bats. More…

Bat Crime Investigations

28 November 2016
Bats have a low reproductive rate and are particularly vulnerable to a range of threats. To protect bats against further population declines all UK bats and their roosts are protected by law.  Bats are European Protected Species (EPS) due to their decline and vulnerability across Europe; this means…

Bats and the Law

19 May 2016
In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected, by both domestic and international legislation. This means you will be committing a criminal offence if you: Deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat Intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb…

Planning and the Law

20 July 2015
Why consider protected species during land use planning processes? The conservation of bats within the built environment is reliant on the delivery of a number of factors: the provision of roosting opportunities; the availability of foraging and commuting habitat; and the appropriate management…

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