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How Can You Help Bats?

15 October 2015
The number of bats in the UK has gone down significantly during the last hundred years, so there are far fewer bats than there used to be. This is because of things such as: The places bats roost and the places they find insects, such as trees and woodlands, have been destroyed to make way for buildings…

Fun Batty Things To Do for Kids

20 January 2015
Here are some ideas of fun batty things you can do... Join the Young Batworkers' Club There are great benefits to joining the Young Batworkers' Club. Find out more! Tell us Your Batty Stories! Have you seen bats in your garden? Have you done a project on bats at school? Visit the Batty…

Listen to and watch bats

2 December 2013
You can listen to and learn to identify bats from their calls. At the bottom of the page you can see a video of bats leaving a their home, called a roost. Could bats be roosting somewhere near you? Bat Calls You can play the calls of 6 different types of bat found in Britain. These calls were recorded…

All About Bats

17 August 2012
What Are Bats? Bats are mammals. Like other mammals, including ourselves and many of our pets, they have hair or fur on their bodies and are warm-blooded. A baby bat feeds on its mother's milk for at least a few weeks after it is born. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. A bat's wing has very similar…


Bat Walk, Kings Norton Park, Birmingham

Help us celebrate International Bat Night at Kings Norton Park, South West Birmingham. Meeting at Kings Norton Playing Fields car park, near the changing block. We'll be starting promptly at 8pm with a brief introduction to bats before heading off on the walk to see & hear the local bats around the playing fields and along the canal.

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