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Bats of the World
An introduction to the amazing variety of bats

Planning example: An appeal decision concerning newts

Bats and Roadside Mammals Survey Report 2005

Woodland Management for Bats
A good practice guide published by the Forestry Commission for England and Wales in partnership with BCT, CCW and English Nature (Natural England)

Favourable Conservation Status
Guidance document for the 'Habitats Directive' Leonidas C. Charalambides - Counsel

Bats and Human Health (SNH)
A publication produced by Scottish Natural Heritage on bats and human health

Guide to Choosing a Mini Bat Detector

Digital Recording with Bat Detectors

Bats and the Law - what to do when the law is broken
This guidance for licensed bat workers was last updated in June 2003.

Bat Crime Report - Is the legislation protecting bats?
Published in 2003 as the result of a two-year partnership project between BCT and the RSPB

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