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Microgeneration Consultation Response
BCT response to a consultation on changes to Permitted Development Rights for Householder Microgeneration

Microgeneration Consultation Response Questions

Planning example: An appeal decision concerning a bat survey

Forestry Commission Scotland: Guidance Note 34
Forest operations and European protected species in Scottish forests.

Bats and Roadside Mammals Survey Report 2007

Scottish Guidance: Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Amendments
Explanatory guidance for species related activities

Wind Turbines and Bat Populations Workshop Notes
In 2007 BCT hosted a workshop on Wind Turbines and Bat Populations. Notes are brief, summarise discussions at the workshop, and need to be interpreted carefully. Site survey work and project proposals should not be drawn up based on the content of these…

Habitats Regulations - Scottish Statutory Instrument 2007 No. 80
Amendments to the Habitats Regulations in Scotland

BCT's Response to Proposed Licencing Procedures: 2007
BCT's response to proposed procedures for licences to possess bats under the revised Habitats Regulations

Impacts on bats - the european experience
Impacts on bats - the European experience Bach & Harbusch

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