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Wind Energy in UK
Wind Energy in UK: current and future capacity Jason Ormiston - Acting Chief Executive Scottish Renewables

Resolution 5.6: Windturbines and Bat Populations, guidelines for the
Resolution 5.6: Windturbines and Bat Populations, guidelines for the planning process and impact assessments The development of a new obligation by Dr. Christine Harbusch & Lothar Bach, Germany

Mini-Turbines and Bats Questionnaire
A questionnaire that bat workers may like to give to owners of mini-turbines in an effort to gain more information to enable us to gauge their impact on bats.

Bats, Development & Planning in England (Specialist Support Series)
Basic advice for developers, planning officers and others who come across bat issues in the context of the English planning system.

What Bat Is That (multi-lingual)
A handy guide to identifying bats on a bat walk

About Bats (Multi-lingual)

BCT Questionnaire 2007 - Tables: Appendix Q9 and 21
A more detailed analysis of Q9 and Q21

Count Bat Case Studies
Case studies of the initial pilots of BCT's Count Bat Project, which aims to engage a diverse range of people in bat conservation.

Eurobats Resolution 5.6 Wind turbines & Annex generic guidelines

BCT's Response to Review of Permitted Development

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