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Bat Quiz
A true or false quiz for use by teachers/youth leaders.

Bat Quiz (27 KB) - 30/04/08

BCT Review: Outcomes of the April 2008 research and consultation
A report on the outcomes of research and consultation published in April 2008 drew together the findings from in depth discussions with 68 people in a series of focus groups around the country as well as telephone interviews. Interviewees were selected…

Make a Bat Face Mask

Make a Bat Finger Puppet

2007 Conference Transcript: How to apply for a Habitats Regulations Licence (Day 2)
An exploration, drawing upon the experience of some of those attending the 2007 National Bat Conference, of the common problems and some potential solutions to applying for a Habitats Regulations licence. Day 2.

Bat News Sponsorship Flyer

Soprano pipistrelle calls (frequency division)

Noctule calls (frequency division)

Myotis species commuting

Myotis species commuting (85 KB) - 24/04/08 | Members / NBMP Only

Bechstein's bat calls

Bechstein's bat calls (823 KB) - 24/04/08 | Members / NBMP Only

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