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Year two (2009)

In the second year of the project six teams took part; 

  • Cornwall 
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Kent
  • Oxfordshire
  • Surrey


Summer surveying

Following a training course which took place in early May, all six groups spent the summer (until mid September) surveying for Bechstein's bats using the project protocol.    

Although targeted at Bechstein's bats, the project also provides an opportunity to collect data on a range of woodland bat species. This summer we  recorded bats of 12 different species - barbastelle, Bechstein's, Brandt's, brown long-eared, common pipistrelle, Daubenton's, Leisler's Natterer's, noctule, serotine, soprano pipistrelle and whiskered bat.     

 Whiskered bat (Shirley Thompson) Setting up the equipment (Shirley Thompson)

Identifying a whiskered bat (Shirley Thompson)Brown long-eared bat (Shirley Thompson) 




Good news

This summer we found 14 Bechstein's bats in 11 squares:

  • 12 of these (2 females and 10 males) were found in Dorset.
  • A female was picked up in Kent
  • A male was picked up in Surrey


Second year report

The report for the second year of the project is now available to download

Bechstein's bat project second year report.

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