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Whiskered bat, Brandt's bat, and Whiskered/Brandt's/Alcathoe bat Roost Counts 2014

2 volunteers have returned data for 2 known whiskered bat roosts for 2014. 1 of these sites had whiskered bats present and counts carried out.

3 volunteers have returned data for 3 known Brandt's bat roosts for 2014. 2 of these sites had Brandt's bat present and counts carried out.

2 volunteers have returned data for 2 unspecified whiskered/Brandt's/Alcathoe bat roost for 2014. Bats were recorded as present at 1 of these sites. 

The distribution of sites surveyed and bats recorded is shown below. Note: Sites are marked on the map at a 10 km spot resolution for ease of viewing. Each spot may contain more than one survey site. If no bats were recorded during the 2014 surveys or counts were not carried out within a spot, it does not necessarily imply that the species is absent from this 10 km area.

Distribution of whiskered/Brandt's/Alcathoe bat roosts 2014

Distribution of whiskered, Brandt's, and whiskered/Brandt's/Alcathoe bat roosts monitored 2014

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