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Whiskered / Brandt's bat trends for Wales

The Wales-level population trend for whiskered/Brandt's bat from the Hibernation Survey is shown on this page.

Population trends for whiskered/Brandt's bat are also produced for Great Britain and England.

Hibernation Survey

Wales index of whiskered/Brandt's bat population from Hibernation Surveys

Whiskered/Brandt's trend Hibernation Survey Wales

Note: The graph above shows the unsmoothed index value for each year (green crosses), the smoothed trend (solid line) and 95% confidence intervals (dotted lines). The smoothed trend for 2016 is shown as a dashed line to indicate that it is provisional.

The smoothed index is currently 4.2% below the 1999 base year value, equivalent to an annual decrease of 0.3%. There has been no significant change in the smoothed index since the baseline year.

From all years for which data are available (1998-2016), counts from 78 sites contribute to the trend analysis in Wales (sites surveyed in two or more years with whiskered/Brandt's bat recorded in at least one year).


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