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Welsh landscape (c) Richard CromptonThe rich Welsh landscape provides a diverse range of habitats for 15 of our British bats; the mouse-eared and grey long-eared bats being as far as we know, absent from our fauna.
There are 10 Special Areas of Conservation where bats are either a primary or secondary feature of the SAC and details of the SACs can be found on the JNCC web site. 
Read more about Welsh bat fauna as it is currently understood.


Wales Bat Project

We work alongside 17 volunteer Bat Groups in Wales to:

  • actively promote greater awareness of bats in Wales
  • seek new ways to enable more people in Wales to appreciate and enjoy bats, and get involved in bat conservation;
  • help develop the bat volunteer network, by capacity building and facilitating information sharing
  • train bat volunteers to take part in bat conservation projects in Wales
  • identify and co-coordinate priority projects that focus on local bat conservation work in Wales.

We also work alongside Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales and other environmental NGOs to help ensure thats bats and bat conservation are properly taken into consideration when developing policy and legislation.


Understanding our Environment - Deall ecosystemau

Deallt ecosystemau is an exciting pilot project designed to get people to take an active interest in finding out more about their local environment and in particular bats.

This project is taking place in Anglesey and Gwynedd, and in Pembrokeshire between September 2018 to October 2019. The project lets members of the public borrow a bat detector pack from a loan centre and to put the detector out in a location of their choice for a few nights. BCT will analyse the recordings and send a report back. The information gathered will help us better understand the distribution of bats and to help direct future conservation strategies.

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This project is part funded by Natural Resources Wales.


Welsh Language Policy

BCT’s Welsh language scheme has now been approved by the Board of Trustees. In the conduct of its business in Wales, BCT will treat the Welsh and English languages on a basis of equality as far as it is reasonable and practicable to do so.  


The following bilingual publications are available, however, we are also making them available for download in English or Welsh versions: 

Encouraging Bats                 Help Us Count Bats  
Bats of the World        Living With Bats  
British Bats                What Bat is That?  

For more information about what's going on in Wales, contact our Wales Officer, or visit our events page.

Wales Office, co Bat Conservation Trust, Quadrant House, 250 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5RD
Phone: 01269 26 87 68

         Natural Resources Wales                                                                              


BCT is a member of Wales Environment Link (WEL) - an active network of environmental Non-Governmental Organisations in Wales and the official link between the eNGO sector and the Welsh Government

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