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Vale of Glamorgan & Bridgend Bat Group

For all bat group enquiries, please contact:

Mike Shewring


Summary of the Bat Group's activities:

Survey and Monitoring

  • The Bat Group regularly monitors specific roost sites.
    The Bat Group regularly surveys specific sites.

BCT Surveys

  • The Bat Group undertake the Field Survey, Waterway Survey and Sunset-sunrise Survey as part of BCT's National Bat Monitoring Programme.

Other Activities

  • The Bat Group gives advice to homeowners who have roosts.
    Bat Group members also look after sick and injured bats.

Bat Walks

  • The Bat Group has regular walks for members.


  • The Bat Group attends a Biodiversity Roadshow organised jointly by Bridgend, Vale, Carephilly and Cardiff Councils.


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Bat Helpline

0345 1300 228