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The Bat Task Force aims to create reliable and resourceful information on bat species through Wikipedia. The main task is to develop articles with information on bat species from around the world. This is to include but is not limited to the description of morphology, diet, repartition of the different species, bat evolution, echolocation and conservation.

We are in need of people like to you help build the content of these pages.

The intention is to develop all specific bat species pages to a high quality standard. With regards to European species', the first step will be to ensure that by International Bat Night in August this year, the European Bat of the Year 2017 - The Common Noctule - article will be fully developed and presented on the English Wikipedia home-page. The Common Noctule Wikipedia page can be found HERE.








If you are interested in joining the Bat Task Force then please follow THIS LINK where you will be sent directly to the Wikipedia project page.

To find out more on how to update the Wikipedia pages please read the article below.

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