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UK National Nathusius' Conference

Organised by: Daniel Hargreaves and Jon Russ

Date of event: 24th August 2013

Venue for event: Ubley Village Hall, the Street, Ubley, Bristol. BS40 6PN


The programme included a range of interesting talks (more details about the talks are available on the Blagdon Birds website, courtesy of Nigel Milbourne):

  • Nathusius' in the UK – what we do and don't know – Jon Russ
  • Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Kent Migration Study – Laura Jennings
  • Bedfont Nathusius' project – Patty Briggs
  • Northumberland Nathusius' project – Hazel Makepeace, Tina Wiffen and Graeme Smart
  • Nathusius' Pipistrelle at Claremont Landscaped Garden, Esher – Ross Baker
  • Current status of Nathusius' in Kent – John Puckett
  • Vagrants/migrant records in Britain – Tony Hutson
  • Mapping the autumn distribution of Nathusius’ pipistrelle across the UK – Philip Briggs
  • The Cardiff Bat Group Nathusius' pipistrelle project – Richard Crompton
  • YACWAG Nathusius' Project – Daniel Hargreaves

Delegates were also able to choose a workshop:

  • Stable Isotope Analysis (Fiona Matthews)
  • Nathusius pipistrelle identification and acoustic detection (Jon Russ/Tony Hutson)
  • Catching methods and use of acoustic lure (Daniel Whitby)
  • Marking and radio-tacking methods (Daniel Hargreaves)

The event included evening field work at Blagdon Lake, with harp trapping, mist netting, using acoustic lures, detector surveys and infra-red filming of a male advertisement roost.  

Sponsored by:  Logo of Bristol Water

Supported by: YACWAG Logo

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