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Treating Timber and Pests in Roofs

All bats and their roosts are protected by law, so if you need to use chemical treatments in a roof that is used by bats then you must consult your local Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation for advice.

The use of timber treatment chemicals in roofs used to be responsible for the deaths of whole colonies of bats. However, since the problem was been recognised, many products have become available that are suitable for use in bat roosts to treat the timber and to treat infestations. However, you should seek advice from your SNCO on timing and how the work should be carried out as inappropriate applcation could still harm the bats.

It is always recommended that chemicals are painted and spraying kept to an absolute minimum. All new timber should be pre-treated before arrival wherever possible.

Loft treatment (R. Stebbings)



Chemical poisoning used to be the cause of death of whole colonies of bats. Luckily awareness of the toxicity of such chemicals is now much higher.



Bats killed by glue trap (Ian Davidson-Watts)

 Bats killed on a sticky trap left in a roof space to catch vermin. The person who left the trap was prosecuted successfully.






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