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January 2017


On the 11th of January, we gave our third bat talk to 27 Year 4 pupils from the Bat class at Gayton Primary School.  The talk went down well and was followed by many questions. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all and thank you to Gayton Primary School for inviting us. 

Static detectors were successfully deployed in Great Wood and collected a couple of days later. At one of the points, within a compartment of mature oak trees, the detectors picked up some bat activity around 17.36, a soprano pipistrelle. Quite a surprising find. The soprano pipistrelle probably needed to move to another roost as the evenings here in Norfolk have been very cold, so not a lot of food around. 

The camera traps continue to capture some excellent photographs of the reserve's wildlife. The trap left at a known badger sett recorded a lot of activity, not just from badgers, but also argumentative foxes, jays, inquisitive blackbirds, deer and grey squirrels. Here are some we have picked out:


Fox in daylight

Foxes fighting


Swanton Novers Great Wood in January -

Swanton Novers NNR -  January 2017

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