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Sunset / Sunrise Survey

Keen to get involved in bat monitoring?

This survey is ideal for you if you don't have previous bat-surveying experience, and it helps us to identify new roosts. It is also a perfect opportunity to get together with family/friends and introduce them to exploring and discovering bats and other wildlife in your local area.

There are two parts to this survey: the Sunset Survey and the Sunrise Survey. This survey gives you the choice of whether to take part in the Sunset Survey if you are more of a ‘night-owl’ or if you are an ‘early riser’ the Sunrise Survey may suit you better. You may want to make the most of the long summer days by completing both surveys; remember the more help you can give us the more chance you have of finding bats!

A guide to taking part

Sign up to this survey. Contact us at if you need help with any aspect of taking part in this survey.

The 2016 survey form will be available to download in May and you will also be able to enter your results online

Carry out one or more surveys - June/July/August

Sunset/Sunrise Survey (A Youngman)

The Sunset Survey couldn't be easier! 

Simply spend the evening in your garden or local park and watch out for any bats that fly past. Record how many bats you see, which species they are (if you think you know) and, most importantly, which direction they are flying from.




Sunset/Sunrise Survey FormThe Sunrise Survey involves going out just before dawn to look for bats swarming before they return to their roost. If you have already done the Sunset Survey and saw bats flying past, you should walk in the direction from which most of them seemed to be coming.



Sunset Walk 1km RouteAlternatively, you can survey while walking a route (up to 1km). Just make sure that you stick to public rights of way, avoid hazardous areas, and walk your route at least once during daylight hours to familiarise yourself with it. You should not survey alone, so bring friends or family along for safety and to share the excitement of watching bats!


Send us your results

Sunset/Sunrise Survey online recordingOnce you have completed your surveys, enter your results online or post your completed forms.





Sign up to the National Bat Monitoring Programme and get access to the bat sound library, receive the monthly Bat Monitoring Post e-bulletin and get the latest information on our surveys and results.

If you are interested in improving your skills, we run bat detector workshops so that volunteers can take part in our surveys.





Find out more

Sunset/Sunrise Survey 2015 form and instructions (420 KB) - 09/06/15
Sunset/Sunrise Survey 2015 form and instructions


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