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Suggested Reading

There are a variety of excellent and informative bat related books available to buy. Here is a list of favourites compiled by the staff at BCT:



‘Bats’                                                           Read Review

Phil Richardson

‘Bats of Britain, Europe & Northwest Africa’

Christian Dietz et al

‘The Natural History of Hibernating Bats’

Roger Ransome

‘Bats (Mammals of Britain)’

Robert. E. Stebbings



‘British Bats’

John. D. Altringham

‘Bats: Biology and Behaviour’

John. D. Altringham

‘Bats: From Evolution to Conservation’      Read Review

John. D. Altringham

‘British Bat Calls: A Guide to Species Identification'                      Read Review

Jon Russ

‘Conservation of European Bats’

'Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World'

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Robert. E. Stebbings

Christian C. Voigt and Tigga Kingston (editors)


For Children

‘Bat Loves the Night’                                 Read Review

Nicola Davies and Sarah Fox-Davies



'Bobby the Brown Long-eared Bat'

Ari Berk 

Janell Cannon

A S Mills


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