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Results and Reports

National Bat Monitoring Programme Annual Report

State of the UK's BatsThe NBMP Annual Report 2016 provides a detailed account of the latest species populations trends. Species population trends are published each May, incorporating data collected up to and including the preceding summer.

The State of the UK's Bats 2014 (844 KB) provides a concise summary of results up to 2013. The next State of the UK's Bats will be published in Autumn 2017.

Official Statistics: These statistics have been produced to the high professional standards set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Annual reports archive (previous years' Official Statistics)

Survey and species summary maps

Maps showing annual survey coverage and species records for each NBMP survey.

Summer Survey Summary 2016

Hibernation Survey Summary 2016

Bechstein's bats (John Altringham)

Reports from other monitoring projects

Bechstein's Bat Project

Bats and Roadside Mammals Survey



The Bat Monitoring Post is sent to all NBMP volunteers for whom we have a current email address. Click here to sign up to the NBMP.

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Bat Monitoring Post archive

Past issues:


 July contents:

  •  Exciting developments in the National Bat Monitoring Programme: British Bat Survey
  •  Q&A with an NBMP volunteer
  •  Regional spotlight: Scotland
  •  How your data contributes to bat conservation: How pipistrelles respond to increasing urbanisation
  •  Other research: Bat activity in artificial light spectra


 May contents:

  •  Q&A with an NBMP volunteer
  •  Regional spotlight: South West
  •  Bigger discounts for NBMP volunteers on bat detector workshops
  •  How your data contributes to bat conservation: State of Nature report
  •  Big Bat Map - locate bat hot spots near you
  •  Book review: Britain's Mammals - A Field Guide to the mammals of Britain and Ireland


Reviews from previous editions:

Bat detector review: BatBox Baton XD, July 2016

Book review: Acoustic Ecology of European Bats by Michel Barataud, December 2015

Bat detector review: Peersonic, August 2015

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