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Man Fined for Destroying Bat Roost

Celebrate International Bat Night!

BCT Launches Roost Award

Bats around the world


A big thank you to the volunteers, members, donors and others who are helping bats this summer. Volunteer bat carers Peter and Margaret Grimsey in Buckinghamshire were looking after 45 baby bats at one time in July. Last week, Bat Helpline Officers answered 473 calls and arranged 70 roost visits. Our appeal to help the Bat Helpline is now just a few pounds away from reaching the target of £10,450! Donate now

Wind turbine research. New research suggests that small wind turbines can have a big impact on bats in the immediate vicinity.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat Group! Inverness Bat Group got creative and used the new Batman film to raise awareness of bats. Our favourite quote: "Bruce Wayne should have joined his local bat group and he would have realised there is nothing scary about bats".

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BCT will be at the Rutland Waters BirdFair from 17-19 August. If you're around, do come and say hello!

The much-anticipated 2012 National Bat Conference will be held in York from 14-16 September. Tickets are selling fast and the booking deadline has been extended to Monday 20 August, so get in quickly (N.B.The 2012 Bat Workers' Forum will take place during the conference.)


Young bats are starting to grow up. At around three weeks old, bats learn to fly and are sometimes found on the ground. At six weeks old, the young bats begin to catch insects for themselves and no longer need their mothers’ milk.

If you find a baby bat on the ground, please call the Bat Helpline (0345 1300 228) immediately.


Don't forget to share your bat sightings and find bat hotspots on the Big Bat Map!

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Issue 34, August 2012

Man Fined for Destroying Bat Roost

Lesser horseshoe bats

A man has been found guilty of the destruction of a lesser horseshoe bat roost in Cornwall. He knowingly destroyed the bat roost when he was converting a barn on his property. He was fined £2500 and £660 costs. Bat Conservation Trust's Investigations Officer Pete Charlseton said, "Destroying a roost is a serious offence; it harms bats and puts bat populations at risk". BCT supported Devon and Cornwall Police and the Crown Prosecution Service throughout the investigation. Read more.

This is one of the realtivley few cases that has been successfully prosecuted.  BCT received reports of 339 possible bat crime incidents in 2011 - a 12% increase from 2010. Most of these incidents related to the damage and destruction of bat roosts, with building development and maintenance incidents making up 91% of cases referred on for investigation. Read more in BCT's Bat Crime Annual Report for 2011.

Know about a bat crime? Please report it.

Celebrate International Bat Night! 25-26 August 2012

Talkin Sunset by Paul McGreevy on Flickr

International Bat Night is on 25-26 August, so help us make it a night to remember! It will be the first birthday of our redesigned Big Bat Map and we'd like to celebrate by adding as many sightings as we can to the map in one weekend. Pop it in your diary and get your best bat-spotting spectacles ready!

Check our online events diary for fun things to do in your area - and anyone running public bat events, walks and talks as part of the celebrations be sure to add to the listings.

Roost Award Launched

Bats in bat brick

If you have been involved in a project that designed and developed a bat roost for enhancement or mitigation (UK only), please submit your case study onto Roost by 12pm on Friday 24 August. The Roost Awards 2012 will be presented at the National Bat Conference.

BCT is proud to introduce the Roost Award to recognise teams involved in bat roost design and creation.

Construction and development is one of the major causes of bat roost and habitat destruction in the UK, but many architects, consultants, developers and owners work hard to make sure their projects are bat-friendly.

More details and awards criteria here

Bats around the world

with fruit by Gregg and Karin Gordon on Flickr

New bat species discovered in Indonesia. Researchers from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences have identified a new species of fruit bat endemic to Sulawesi and its adjacent islands. A PDF of the paper can be found here.

New York eco-sculpture for bats. "Bat Cloud", designed by Joyce Hwang with assistance from current and former University at Buffalo architecture students, provides a habitat for bats and educates the public. Read more about bat habitats.

Bats eavesdrop on fly sex. Rather than using echolocation, Natterer's bats can hone in on the excited buzzing sound made by copulating flies to pick up a two-for-one meal deal.



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