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Professional Training Standards


The aim of the Professional Training Standards project is to provide a set of standards for professional bat surveyors (consultants, ecologists, etc) relating to bat work in the UK. These standards cover the variety of work that a professional bat surveyor may be asked to do and outline the level of knowledge and skills expected of an individual to perform key tasks.

 Download the Professional Training Standards

 Achieving Professional Training Standards Through BCT Courses

Who is this document aimed at?

  • Individuals who are new to bat consultancy and training to work in this field
  • Those assessing the competency of an individual working in this field 
  • Those who wish to check their knowledge and skills against these standards
  • Those wishing to understand the skills and knowledge required to advance to the next level of experience

How should this document be used?

The professional training standards are not intended to be used as a check list to gain a licence for surveying (from the relevant SNCO) and are not an accredited system. Rather the document is designed to raise standards in professional bat work and outline the knowledge and skills required to be a responsible consultant.

The information provided here is an outline of what a professional consultant would be expected to know within each subject area. Readers are encouraged to use this document as a starting point of what they need to know or be able to do and use additional resources (e.g. reference material, training courses) and practical experience to gain the required experience and knowledge.

These standards have been designed to complement BCT’s Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines 

Achieving Professional Training Standards Through BCT Courses

BCT's training courses for professionals can provide some of the knowledge and skills outlined in the Professional Training Standards. For more information click here.

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