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BCT has made available a selection of images from our Photo Library for Partner Groups. The images are for use in publicity materials and resources and have been provided free of charge.

Conditions of Use

  • Images are credited to both the individual photographer and BCT wherever they are used e.g. Joe Bloggs / Bat Conservation Trust. (We rely on the goodwill of our supporters for the majority of our images, and the only thing they ask in return is to be credited when their work is used, so we must ensure this arrangement is upheld);
  • Images are for use in the bat group's publicity materials only e.g. leaflets, website etc. Permission must be sought from BCT if these images are intended for any other use.
BCT bat images for Partner Groups 

            Bechstein's bat (Hugh Clarke)   Brown long-eared in flight (Hugh Clarke)   Brandt's on rock (Hugh Clark)   Brown long-eared in tree knot (Hugh Clark)         

How to download images

  1. Go to images;
  2. Click on the photo that you want to download;
  3. Select Download, then Download photo (from the menu bar immediately below the heading BCT bat images for Partner Groups).
  4. When saving the file, ensure you keep both the photo title and author in the filename. 
  5. To return to the thumbnails, select View All (at the top right hand corner of the photo)

Note: these photos are provided at a high resolution so may take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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