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Online Training

We have produced online videos and tutorials to help you learn how to carry out National Bat Monitoring Programme surveys.

Bat Detector Species ID Quiz

This online quiz is designed to test your bat ID skills.

It includes species you are likely to encounter while carrying out the NBMP Field Survey and Waterway Survey so is a useful resource if you’d like to brush up on your species ID skills before heading out to do your surveys.

Click the image below have a go at the quiz.

Echolocating mouse-eared bat (S. Dalton)

Bat Sound Library

This online call library features bat calls recorded from tuneable heterodyne detectors. It illustrates the differences and similarities between different species' calls and how they vary in different habitats. Click here to enter the bat sound library.


These videos show what it is like to take part in two of our simpler surveys and provide tips on taking part.


The tutorials provide a step-by-step guide to all aspects of carrying out two of our bat detector surveys, including preparation, equipment, survey techniques and bat species identification tips. Audio and video clips are provided to help you.

You can either go through the entire tutorial or skip to chapters you are particularly interested in.

Field Survey

Field Survey (Northern Ireland)

Waterway Survey


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How to map your NBMP transect using the online interface

If you're a current volunteer with a Field Survey or Waterway Survey you can map your transect in our online interface! Just log in to your NBMP page and go to your site details. We've made two how-to video to make things as easy as possible! The two videos differ slightly because of the difference in the surveys so make sure you watch the correct video!

Guide to mapping your Field Survey transect online:


Guide to mapping your Waterway Survey transect online:


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