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Objectives of Phase Two

 The objectives of Phase 2 of the Landscapes for Lessers Project were as follows:

  1. To demonstrate the effectiveness of a landscape-scale approach to lesser horseshoe bat conservation in Wales using the Pembrokeshire pilot study and other relevant projects (e.g. the EN Greater Horseshoe Bat Project);
  2. To identify additional benefits (e.g. priority species or habitats, other key initiatives) that the project may deliver and which may attract additional partners to the project;
  3. To identify partners and sources of funding to take forward the implementation phase of the project; and
  4. To draw up detailed proposals to provide a basis for funding applications for a 3-year Landscape for Lessers Wales-wide Implementation Project (phase 3).
This phase was completed in February 2009 and the non-confidential parts of the report were published as a CCW Science Report in August 2009. The report and Appendix A are available to download separately below. 
Recommended citation for the report:
Mapstone, L. 2009. Landscapes for lessers Phase 2 Project Report. CCW Science Report No. 896. 63pp. CCW, Bangor.  

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