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November 2016


We gave our first school bat talk to a group of Year 5 pupils from Fakenham Junior School. As they are only eight miles away from Swanton Novers NNR, the school were keen to learn about bats and about the project. The session was enjoyable and the interest it generated was noticeable.  It was a great opportunity to introduce the project and talk about bats in detail. And the show of hands at the end of the talk was a sight to behold.

Bat talk at Fakenham JuniorSchool

The second blog for the Bat Conservation Trust Blogspot has been uploaded. To read it click here.

Working in a woodland like Swanton Novers is a privilege. It is species rich and is a haven for wildlife. For those who venture into the woodland, there is every chance you might see a stripy badger or observe the silent flight of a barn owl. Therefore, though the project is focussed on bats, we thought it would be nice to capture images of some of our resident wildlife. To do this we are using camera traps which will allow us to take photographs throughout the day and night. These will be left in the woodland for a few nights and the plan will be to move these traps around the NNR regularly.

Here are some recent photographs:




Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer

Swanton Novers Great Wood in November -

Swanton Novers in November


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