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North Highland Bat Network

For all enquiries about the North Highland Bat Network and its activities, please contact:

Lyn Wells

For general advice on domestic bat roosts or legal protection issues please contact the Scottish Natural Heritage bat helpline on 01463 725165 or the Bat Conservation Trust helpline on 0845 1300 228.

Summary of the Network's activities:

The North Highland Bat Network (NHBN) was set up as an e-mail contact network to keep members informed of bat issues, and any research or survey work that other members are carrying out.

Because members live far apart, the Network does not hold meetings. If members wish to gain experience of different aspects of bat work, the network tries to link them up with someone for training purposes.

Bat Projects

  • Some members have their own projects, such as woodland foraging, hibernacula in ice-houses, bats in bridges.

BCT Surveys

  • Several members undertake the Field Survey, Waterway Survey, Pipistrelle and Brown long-eared Colony Counts and Hibernation Site counts as part of BCT's National Bat Monitoring Programme.

Bat Care

  • Lyn Wells is a registered bat carer. For advice on grounded or injured bats contact Lyn on 01408 641204 or the BCT Helpline on 0845 1300 228.

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Bat Helpline

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