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In Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has an extraordinary array of landscapes and a rich diversity of habitat features resulting from the wet and mild climate.  These support a wealth of fauna, including eight known resident bat species: the common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, Nathusius’ pipistrelle, Leisler’s bat, brown long-eared bat, whiskered bat, Natterer’s bat and Daubenton’s bat.   


Robert Thompson Photography (NIEA) 


BCT is not currently funded to undertake project work that's specific to Northern Ireland.  However, we continue to strive to support Northern Ireland biodiversity initiatives and local bat volunteers.  We are also committed to working alongside the Northern Ireland Bat Group and Bat Conservation Ireland to:

  • Monitor, maintain and, enhance bat populations and bat habitats across Northern Ireland, through projects such as the National Bat Monitoring Programme
  • Offer continued training advice and support for bat volunteers
  • Advise and educate members of the Northern Ireland public about bats though our Bat Helpline, and
  • Achieve a higher public profile for bats, for bat recording and monitoring of bat conservation in Northern Ireland

To find out more about the Northern Ireland Bat Group, visit their website at



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