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Landscapes for Bats

(c) Richard CromptonThe Bat Conservation Trust is not just looking to protect bats and roosts but also improving and enhancing the broader landscape for bats.  Bats rely on many aspects of the landscape, different sites to roost in, hedgerows to commute along and good foraging ares.  For our highly mobile bat population these bat friendly features must be in the wider countryside rather than solely within protected areas, such as nature reserves.

We are working to make more of the landscape bat friendly.

The information collected as part of the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) has been used to inform targeted agri-environment schemes and as a basis for a number of landscape scale projects, and is helping  maintain connectivity across the landscape between sensitive areas and important roost locations.  Our landscape work includes:

Improving the the landscape for the rare Lesser horseshoe bat around key sites in Wales for the Landscape for Lessers project.

Working with partners to investigate if agri-environment schemes help maintain and enhance biodiversity on Welsh farmland.



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