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June 2017


Swanton Novers Wood is now looking very green and is full of wildlife. We recently saw a couple of Ash- black slugs. Ash-black slugs can only be found in ancient woodlands and they can grow up to 25cm long. More information can be found on the Buglife website:

We also saw Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moths, feeding on the Rhododendron bushes scattered in the northern part of Great Wood. A day flying moth, these little insects look like tiny humming birds hovering over the flowers. More information can be found on Norfolk Moths:

The static detectors were deployed and collected on the 19th and 21st of June. Volunteers carried out transect surveys in Great Wood on the 19th of June and all four transect routes were surveyed.

Bat Walk at Swanton Novers National Nature Reserve

Bat WalkOn the 3rd of June, we ran our first bat walk of the year at Swanton Novers woods. 9 people came on the walk. The evening started with an introduction about bats, then we walked down the road from the village hall to the edge of the woodland. We then waited for dusk to settle and heard our first pipistrelle call. Not long afterwards we saw our first noctule bat flying high in the sky, which was shortly joined by another noctule bat. We then headed into the woodland and heard a couple of soprano pipistrelles, a myotis bat and a barbastelle bat. 

Woodland and Wildlife Champions

We are pleased to announce that we have selected 4 Woodland and Wildlife Champions. A Woodland and Wildlife Champion is someone who is trained to carry out bat surveys and other wildlife surveys, someone who will spread the message about Swanton Novers NNR and safeguard it for future generations. Through their enthusiasm and hard work, these new champions will continue with important elements of the project after its completion, by assisting with future surveys or supporting new volunteers.


Chris is a local man, who lives near Swanton Novers

Chriswoods. He came to the project with no previous experience in bat survey. Since joining the project Chris has taken part in transect surveys and trapping surveys. He has also assisted the team with public engagement events like the Wild about Swanton Community Day on the 6th of May.


Jamie became interested in bats back in 2015. Before he joined the project, Jamie had already gained some bat surveying experience, having volunteered for another Norfolk bat project. Since joining the project, Jamie has taken part in transect surveys and trapping surveys. He has learnt how to radio track and can confidently use the equipment provided. In addition, Jamie has provided help with bat walks, conservation fairs and the community day on May 6th. Jamie also plans to get his rabies vaccinations so he can be trained to extract bats and process them during future trapping surveys


 Keith came to the project with a fair amount of experience having  already volunteered for the Norfolk Barbastelle Study Group. Since joining the project, Keith has learnt how to use new bat survey equipment. He is paired up with new volunteers, during transect surveys so he can share his knowledge and skills. He has also analysed data using BatSound, delivered bat walks and training workshops for the project, written blogs and has taken part in trapping surveys and radio tracking.


Jim has been involved with the project right from the beginning. In the early days before the project got the green light to proceed, Jim was the person who deployed the detectors to determine if the methodology was suitable. Since the project started Jim has continued to  give his time to the project and has taken part in transect and trapping surveys and some call analysis training. Since  moving to a new job, Jim continues to be involved, recently helping with some trapping in May. Jim said “I am delighted to accept this award, it is a great project to be involved with and it is a privilege to work with some delightful people in a very inspiring place”.

The Spring 2017 Newsletter is now ready. To download click here.  

 Swanton Novers Great Wood in June -

Swanton Nover Woods in June

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