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July 2016


We ran our first call analysis training workshop in July. The training was a great opportunity for our volunteers to learn how to identify British bat calls using a call analysis software called BatSound. The software provides graphical images of the calls (sonograms), allowing us to look at the pulses in detail and then identify the calls. Two volunteers who started with no bat surveying skills came along to the call analysis training. As a result of the training both have taken some of the data from the transect surveys back home with them and are in the process of analysing them. 

The summer newsletter containing updates, activities and information about the project was completed in July. Copies were sent out to schools and youth groups in Norfolk. 

We ran our second trapping survey in Swanton Novers in the middle section of Great Wood. Trapping allowed us to catch bats and identify them in Barbastelle batthe hand in parts of the woods where we have recorded activity from barbastelle bats (a rare woodland specialist and one of our key woodland species) and myotis bats (a family of bats whose calls are similar and need to be seen close up to identify to species). A licence is required to do a trapping survey and the information collected will support the data from the transect surveys and static detectors.

Nets were strung Natterer's batacross rides in appropriate locations and a harp trap was left in the interior of a compartment nearby. Activity in the wood was quiet. Two female barbastelles and one male brown long-eared bat were caught in the nets. The harp trap however was more successful catching one male Natterer's bat, one male brown long-eared bat, two female common pipistrelles and one female soprano pipistrelle. 

The trapping session was also an opportunity for two volunteers to join the team and help out. Both didn't have any trapping surveying experience. They learnt how the nets are erected and how bats are extracted and processed. 

Checking a mist netReleasing a bat


Swanton Novers Great Wood in July - 

Swanton Nover Woods in July

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