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Involving Young People

Involving Young People

Children and young people of all ages are fascinated by bats, and can be amongst the most receptive to wildlife conservation messages. Whether through schools, youth groups or families, there is considerable interest in bats and bat events. The enthusiasm which can result may not only extend to a lifelong interest, but very often turns a child into a powerful ambassador for bats who will promote them to friends and family.

Young children

To stimulate and sustain interest, relate facts about bats to a child’s own experience;

  • Baby bats are born with short fingers. Imagine yours growing as theirs do, to become giant wings.
  • Bats are mammals like us; when they have babies, their mums feed them on milk and cuddle them.
  • Bat babies explore, get into trouble, fall down, go where they shouldn't, just like children.
  • Bats have fur like kittens.

Involve children in activities

Consolidate understanding through activities that are fun. For example, drawing or cutting out a bat can increase awareness of its structure.

Talk about bats as you work with them - their life-style, their needs. Examples of these activities can be found here.

Talks to children:

A True or False quiz will encourage children to think about what they know. A good practice is to ensure all of your statements are true, to avoid later confusion with younger children. The sample shown here has notes to help leaders who need additional information. 

True or False? (Quiz)

Activities on stands aimed at the general public

Have plenty of simple materials ready for use.

Ready cut-out paper bats or templates of bat shapes (of card or vinyl) for children to draw round and cut out their own are a useful starter for many activities.

A bat shape taped to a stick or converted to a finger puppet are always popular.  As with face paintings or bat hats, these are also good advertisements as the finished products are proudly displayed.









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