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Insurance Cover for Bat Groups

Partner and Network Groups are covered under BCT's third party liability insurance (although some groups have opted out and have alternative cover in place).

Download BCT's Certificate of Liability and read details of the liability policy wording or the full insurance policy.

Please note any bat group making use of third party liability insurance through BCT must:

One thing we receive quite a few questions about is ladder safety. Ladders should be checked before use and there is information on the Health & Safety Executive website about this, how to make sure you are using ladders safely and other resources.   

What is Third Party Liability insurance?

Third Party Liability (also called Public Liability) refers to claims by a third party against your group for injury or property damage caused by the bat group's negligence.  Full details of BCT's third party liability insurance can be found in the Partner and Network Agreement appendices or in this overview.  

Alternatives to the BCT cover

Unfortunately, BCT can only offer you third party liability insurance, as our resources do not permit more comprehensive cover at present.  So, depending on the particular needs of your group, you may wish to consider other alternatives before opting into our policy.  For example:

  • TCV offers combined third party liability insurance and personal accident cover to community members through Zurich Insurance, starting from £100. See the TCV website for more details.  
  • If you haven't already, talk to your Local Wildlife Trust office to discuss options for cover under their insurance.
  • Or if you'd like to discuss the individual needs of your bat group with BCT's insurance broker, please email Lisa Worledge for more details.

Find out more

Insurance Certificate of Liability (349 KB) - 05/12/17
Confirmation of levels of liability for BCT insurance

Insurance Summary for Bat Groups (405 KB) - 14/12/17
Summary of what is and is not included in the insurance BCT provides to Bat Groups.

Insurance Safeguarding FAQs (527 KB) - 12/04/18
A set of questions and answers relating to BCT's safeguarding policy

Insurance Liability Policy Wording (2 MB) - 05/12/17
Insurance policy wording for public liability cover

Insurance Full Policy Wording (690 KB) - 05/12/17
Full wording for BCT's insurance policy

Insurance BCT Safeguarding Policy (554 KB) - 05/12/17
BCT's safeguarding policy

Insurance explanation of BCT's safeguarding policy (255 KB) - 05/12/17
Explanation for bat groups of BCT's safeguarding policy

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