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Halloween Fundraising


In October bats are cropping up everywhere, in shops, pubs and in our homes but they are more than just a decoration. Bats are unique and play a vital role in our environment but during the last century bat populations have suffered severe declines.

We hope you will join us in transforming your Halloween celebrations into something positive for bats. Below are some great tips and activities to help incorporate bats into your halloween event, along with a few interesting bat facts and myth busting information.

We have put together a BRAND NEW Halloween Fundraising Pack, with some ideas to consinder when planning for your Halloween event. You can download it for free by CLICKING HERE. Below you can find specific ideas for batty drinks, games and other activities to get the party going!   

Don't forget to send one of our batty halloween ecards this year!

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Batty food and drink ideas       

Bat nibbles
Bat cocktails (and mocktails for the kids)

Arts & Crafts
Salt dough jewellery 
Bat costume for kids
Bat costume for adults
Bat masks
Origami Bat
Pumpkin carving

Bat board games
Bat quiz
Pin the nose on the bat

Other bats and pieces to make your event the party of the year!

Sponsorship form
Bat donation collector
Witch Halloween invite - by Sheena Powers
Tower and bats invite - by Sheena Powers
Spiderweb Halloween invite
Spiderweb Halloween Party Poster

To download the Halloween Fundraising Pack and all of the above please  Click HERE, with tips on how to host a successful Halloween fundraising event!

Help and advice
We're here to answer any questions you may have about fundraising for bats and to help you if you need some inspiration or want to run an idea by us. You can email us on or call us on 020 7820 7181




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