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Habibat bat box partnership scheme

Habibat: Enhancing Homes for Bats 

Habibat is a unique partnership between the Bat Conservation Trust,  Ecosurv, Habibats partnership companies and the customer. 

Its aim is to provide bat boxes that work for bats and buildings. A portion of the profits from each Habibat partnership scheme bat box sold will be reinvested  into the Habibat scheme to improve accommodation for bats, with an aim to encourage and invest in monitoring and research.

We will be improving knowledge of bat boxes, encouraging and looking at ways to invest in monitoring uptake, refining bat box designs and giving customers guidance on installation.

For more information on Habibat pertnership companies or to join the scheme, please visit: or contact BCT's built environment officer Jo Ferguson:


Habibat 003 integrated bat box

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