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Guidance and Training

Guidance and Training

These resources provide examples of the more professional advice your bat organisation can develop. For example, our bat survey guidelines include points that you might want to consider in a similar publication, such as; how to plan and prepare surveys, how to inform ecological consultants, advice on equipment and techniques, and different types of surveys.

Our leaflets on woodland management for Bechstein's bats and 'bats and the law' are great examples of how you could develop specific information for professionals and other stakeholders (such as landowners).

Our guide to putting GIS information on google maps, shows how you can combine information with other bat groups to create bigger resources for bat conservation information and collate data.

Please note; these guidelines are UK based and should be used as a template only. It is good practice to ensure you are up to date on specific legislations in your area.


 You might also want to look at our guide to bat detectors in the bat walks section. 

Guidance for the Public

The Bat Conservation Trust also provides advice to the general public on how to deal with grounded or injured bats. We would always advise calling our National Bat Helpline which covers areas in the UK.

For organisations outside of the UK, try to provide contact details for professionals who can collect bats in need and always discourage handling (especially with bare hands) where possible.

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