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Greater horseshoe bat trends for Wales

The Welsh-level population trend for greater horseshoe bat from the Hibernation Survey is shown on this page.

Population trends are also calculated for greater horseshoe bat for Great Britain and England.

Hibernation Survey

Wales index of greater horseshoe bat population from Hibernation Surveys

Greater horseshoe bat hibernation trend Wales

Note: The graph above shows the unsmoothed index value for each year (green crosses), the smoothed trend (solid line) and 95% confidence intervals (dotted lines). The smoothed trend for 2016 is shown as a dashed line to indicate that it is provisional.

In Wales the smoothed index is currently 101.4% above the 1999 base year value, equivalent to an annual increase of 4.2%. In previous years the smoothed index has been significantly higher than the baseline year, however the precision of the trend in recent years has reduced and as a result the smoothed index is no longer significantly different from the baseline year.

From all years for which data are available (1990-2016) counts from 93 sites contribute to the trend analysis in Wales (sites surveyed in two or more years with greater horseshoe bat present in at least one year).

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