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Fun Batty Things To Do for Kids

Here are some ideas of fun batty things you can do...

Join the Young Batworkers' Club

There are great benefits to joining the Young Batworkers' Club. Find out more!

Tell us Your Batty Stories!

Have you seen bats in your garden? Have you done a project on bats at school? Visit the Batty Stories page to see what other Young Batworkers Club members have told us! 

Find out what a Bat sounds like!

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Have you been on a bat walk before? If so you may have used a bat detector and heard the calls that different types of bats make. Click here to listen to and watch bats. Can you hear the difference? On this page you will also be able to watch a video of bats leaving a roost.


Click on the links below to download the fun activities!
(Make sure you ask an adult for help)


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