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February 2017


This month, Norfolk has experienced the usual cold dull days but we have alsoVolunteers Ben and Steve hoisting a microphone into the canopy been lucky enough to experience some lovely weather with blue skies, plenty of sunshine and birds singing merrily away in the background. The advantage of working on a site like Swanton Novers NNR at this time of the year is that we get to hear and see the woodland wake up, from the birds singing and chasing each other, to the buzzard circling above the canopy and the great spotted woodpecker drumming away in the distance. A quick glance at the data from February's deployment tells us that some bats are moving within the woodland interior, with barbastelle, myotis and soprano pipistrelle activity recorded. 

 Photographs from the camera traps:

Grey Squirrel

Muntjac deer

Red deer

Swanton Novers Great Wood in February -

Swanton Novers in February

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