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Deaf and Hard of Hearing People (DHOH)

"I found the experience of being with a group of deaf people who were communicating in a way that I really couldn't understand strange but quite uplifting, there was a real sense of community. In a curious way I felt that I was the one who was 'disabled' and it was a salutary experience."

Gill Brown, Avon Bat Group

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For more resources to run events with Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, download 'Bats for All - A Resource Pack' here

A set of Deaf Bat Walks delivered by British Sign Language using Deaf Bat Experts are currently in preparation and should soon be launched for the Bristol area. In the meantime, do contact Alasdair Grant on for further details. It is possible a set of bat walks for a wider area will be launched at a later date.

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