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Do you have bats in your garden? Have you been on a bat walk? Or do you just love to chat about bats? Send us your bat stories or drawings and we'll post them on this page for other Young Batworker's Club members to read.Cartoon Bats

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Why do you like bats?

Young people from across the UK have been attending Count Bat events this summer. These have involved making bat masks, doing bat quizs and hunting for bat treasure! We always like to hear why you like bats and what it is that makes them so special. Below are some reasons why you like bats...

"I like bats because they are mammals and I love mammals" Anahi from London

"I like bats because I like to watch them fly around at night" Kate from Cambridge

"I like bats because they are very fast and have brilliant echolocation" Amber from Rutland

"I like bats because they are very interesting and cute and fluffy!" Gemma from Ketton

If you would like to tell us why you like bats, contact the Young Batworkers Club on the details at the top of this page.

Batty Letters

A pipistrelle bat (JJ Kaczanow)From Pippa in Cardiff

Hello, my name is Pippa and I live in Cardiff.

I have had just one bat that flies around my garden at 8.15 to about quarter to nine in the night.

Tonight I counted lots more. I don't know where they are living because everyone where I live has new houses.
I have 16 bats all together this evening. I love my bats they are very cute.

The one bat comes up to the patio doors when I stand by it and then flies in a figure of 8 around my garden. We have lots of trees where we live. In my old house the bats were very little but this bat is bigger and looks about the size of my mummy's hand. I don't know why he doesn't fly into my swing or mummy's washing line. I love bats very much.

Does anyone know about city bats?

I am 8 yrs old


Dear Pippa

Thank you for writing and telling me about your bats. The way you describe their flight as a figure of 8 round your garden suggests they are pipistrelles. They probably roost underneath the tiles or eaves of a house nearby. They often live in cities, as long as there are some parks and gardens where they can find insect food.

If you are still seeing them around it might be worth looking out very early in the morning, just before it starts to get light. You may be lucky enough to see them flying round and round before going back into their roost. This is sometimes the best way of finding where they are roosting. But they often move on somewhere else at this time of year.

Are you a member of the Young Batworker's Club? If not, let me have your address and I will send you a magazine with a photo of 'your' bats in it.

Best wishes,
Bat Conservation Trust

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