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August 2017


August was a busy month with plenty to fit in before the Volunteer Coordinator took her annual leave mid-way through the month. On Saturday, 19th of August we ran a call analysis training workshop at the Swanton Novers Village Hall and signed up another volunteer to help with the call analysis. Later that evening we ran an off-site bat walk at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Thursford Wood. With plenty of old veteran oak trees, with features that would provide the perfect roost habitat for some of our bat species, it was a great site to go on a bat walk. We heard the usual suspects (common pipistrelle and soprano pipistrelle). We also heard a Daubenton's bat and a distant barbastelle bat call.

In the second half of August, as usual, our team of volunteers continued with the necessary surveys but this time on their own.  Two of our volunteers, Jez and Keith bravely deployed the static detectors on their own on the 21st of August and that evening Keith successfully coordinated the transect surveys. Many thanks to their hard work and effort. 

At the end of August, we took part in a bat walk at Holkham Estate.  A well-established walk, there was a great turn out, with the majority of the participants new to the bat world. On entering the woodland just outside the lake, we heard and saw our first bat - a soprano pipistrelle. This was swiftly followed by a common pipistrelle and before long we were enjoying the spectacular sight of pipistrelles erratically flying above our heads. We were also very fortunate to hear another bat - the barbastelle bat - and managed to get everyone to tune in to 32kHz. The distinctive knocking sound, like pebbles being knocked together, was clear for everyone to hear. On reaching the lake, we were greeted with the sight of soprano pipistrelles swooping over the bank vegetation, with the detectors bubbling away in the background. Over the din, we heard the chip chop sound of the noctule bat. However, though we tried our hardest to spot the noctule, we were not successful. A good night all in all.

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