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April 2017


The woodland throughout April continued to buzz with life, from a greater spotted woodpecker tapping away in the distance, to bird cherry blossom scenting the air with their floral fragrance Cherry blossomOak leavesand young oak leaves breaking through each tree bud. Gradually throughout the month, a light green layer of green leaves have appeared, turning a once stark winter landscape of bare branches into a landscape of swaying branches full of young fresh foliage. 

Again the static detectors were deployed and collected.  Preparations for the first transect survey of the year at the beginning of May were started, with 8 volunteers signing up to help. In addition, preparations for the Community Day at Swanton Novers are underway. We just hope the weather will be nice on the day. 

We also welcomed two more volunteers to the team, Jez and Chris. Both volunteers are new to the world of bats, so they will learn new bat survey skills and techniques throughout the project and in return will help the project with transect surveys, trapping surveys, call analysis and any other surveys such as mass emergence counts and radio tracking.

 Swanton Novers Great Wood in April -

Swanton Novers in April

 Photographs from the camera traps:

Muntjac deer

 Red deer


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